Tim Tebow Speaker

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow says that true success is measured by the amount of lives you change. With this, Tim Tebow works to passionately share his insights through keynote speaking.

Types of Events that we have previously booked for Clients:

  • •  Corporate Events
  • •  PR Campaigns
  • •  Keynote Speeches
  • •  Corporate Entertainment
  • •  Celebrity Appearances
  • •  Corporate Sales Meetings
  • •  Tradeshows and Conventions
  • •  VIP Meet and Greets
  • •  Fundraising Events
  • •  Church Outreach Events
  • •  School Fundraising Events
  • •  Church Services
  • •  Commencement Address
  • •  Awards Ceremonies
Tim Tebow Speaking

About Tim's
Speaking Engagements

Tim Tebow is a person who has experienced some of life's highest and lowest moments and through it all has never given up on the pursuit of his dreams. He is a man of strong beliefs and convictions who has already accomplished amazing things in life. Tim Tebow is the perfect person to be part of your next event!

Tim has an incredible story and has an unparalleled ability to weave his professional sport life into the many stories of victory and failure to deliver a message that will be perfect for every member of the audience.

Each speaking event is completely customized, however some themes and topics Tim has spoken on include:

  • •  Pursuing your dreams
  • •  A life of true significance
  • •  What happens when you get knocked down
  • •  Finishing strong
  • •  Being successful at what actually matters
  • •  Discovering your true identity in the midst of life’s storms
  • •  What if Jesus is our best friend
  • •  And many, many others
Tim Tebow Speaking